Country Road, Take Me Home on the Ergordica

Country Road, Take me Home is a favorite song of mine. Here’s a link to the leadsheet I’m using for the recording above. As an aside, leadsheets are a fantastic way to learn new songs on the ergordica as they have both the melody and chord accompaniments which you can also play with the ergordica (one or the other). And if you’re playing solo, you can play the melody and throw in some chord notes as you harmonize, adding interest to your playing.

This version of the song has a voice range from E3 to F#4, which works great on a tenor ergordica, leaving space at the bottom for another tenor ergordica to provide accompaniment.

You’ll notice at times my accompaniment gets a bit stale in the recording above. I’m trying to learn to play more interesting rhythms and through in melody notes dropped down an octave, but it takes a lot of practice!

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