Swing Low, Sweet Chariot on the Ergordica

I’ve really enjoyed this pleasant tune. The above recording is of two tenor ergordicas, one playing the melody and the other a rhythmic chordal accompaniment.

Here’s the link to the lead sheet I used: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Lead Sheet. I liked that it’s in the key of G, as this puts the melody fairly high on the the tenor ergordica, leaving room at the bottom end for another tenor ergordica to provide accompaniment without getting in the way. But I didn’t like some of the chords in the lead sheet. So I kept it simpler and used the chords from this guitar tab: Swing Low Sweet Chariot Guitar Tab. Except I did keep that G7 in there, what a sweet sound.

You’ll notice I’m using a bit of vibrato (oscillating loudness) on the longer notes in the melody. I think vibrato is a particularly important tool on the ergordica as bending notes is quite hard, and you have to add interest some way or another.

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